AgStudio’s Nutrient Recommendation section, allows you to quickly generate nutrient recommendations, based on the criteria and inputs tailored specifically by you.

With the AgStudio programs, strategically optimize inputs within each crop zone, using scripts that are created based on each individual need and performance of those crops.

    • Create customized fertility prescriptions using your specific criteria based on your agronomic philosophy
    • Strategically optimize variable rate nutrient prescriptions for each crop zone/crop
    • Work with any crop zone or field with any historical input you choose
    • Get measurable results to fine tune operations
    • Save time with AgStudio’s seamless workflow – from initial nutrient recommendations to export of prescriptions for immediate implementation in the field; all functions are linked

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Advanced Nutrient Recommendations

Creating Nutrient Recommendations with Powerful Tools

With the AgStudio™ Nutrient Recommendation extension, you can quickly generate nutrient recommendations from your own set of inputs, based on your criteria. Strategically optimize inputs in each crop zone using scripts you create based on your needs and preferences.

    • Use powerful calculators to import or create your own nutrient variables to use in the creation of scripts
    • Determine dynamic yield goals from layer/commodity index, crop zone property or commodity/crop
    • Data management flexibility – Import data from a wide variety of data sources and incorporate data from many types of layers
    • Efficiently run scripts for all fields at once or by crop zone
    • Automated input selections; including crops, calculators, zones and even irrigation zones
    • Include soil type and soil sample results by point or region
    • Create recommendations based on build-up formulas or crop removal formulas or both at the same time
    • Generate recommendations on site, polygon or surface site layers
    • The Advanced Nutrient Recommendation extension is linked directly to the Nutrient Formulator for quick and easy transfer of data for conversion to product suggestions.


Nutrient Script Editor

Nutrient Formulation

Convert Prescriptions to Product Formulations

The AgStudio™ Nutrient Formulator extension has the power to formulate accurate product recommendations from a complex set of data that are easily customize to meet your specific needs.

    • Save time by linking your nutrient recommendations to the Nutrient Formulator extension for quick and easy hands-free transfer of data
    • Formulate for all or a portion of the nutrient recommendation, and for a single crop zone or entire grower
    • Automatically adjusts for nutrients available in each fertilizer product selected
    • Choose your own user-defined fertilizers with complex nutrient analyses from the Fertilizer Editor

AgStudio Calculators

Powerful Tools for Recommendation Development

AgStudio™ calculators are powerful tools that help you generate recommendations using input variables you define based on your agronomic philosophy. Use the customizable calculators to calculate a variety of input combinations for use in Script Editors.

    • Import or manually enter your own variables to use in the creation of scripts
    • Once created, save calculators for future use
    • Pick variables from any layer
    • For Nutrient Recommendations, use calculators on pre- or post-surface layers or both at the same time
    • When creating Nutrient Recommendations, use the post surface calculator for crop removal based on yield data
    • Pick variables from surface or soil test layers

Advanced Nutrient and Seeding Recommendations can be developed using Reclassification Tables or Excel™ spreadsheet calculators

Reclassification Calculators

The Reclassification Wizard walks you through the creation of a calculator, including source (scalar or nominal) and destination attributes. Reclassification tables are best suited for one variable, can include conditionals and use interpolation to generate prorated recommendations.

Excel™ Spreadsheet Calculators

Powerful Excel™ spreadsheet calculators are best for multiple variables and conditionals, and offer the most flexibility for more complex calculations. Click Here To Preview an Excel Spreadsheet

Variable Rate Fertility File Export

Export to Device for Implementation in the Field

AgStudio’s VRF Export walks you through the process of exporting to device-specific controller files for application of your VRF instructions in the field.

    • Save data input time by linking the Nutrient Formulator to the VRF Export for quick and easy transfer of data for export application-controller-file-export-logos
    • Choose the file format you need; AgStudio supports most industry file formats, including AGCO Falcon, Ag Leader, GreenStar, Raven Viper and 20/20 SeedSense
    • Export to zipped files or folders on your hard drive, email files directly to operators or send files to devices via cloud services
    • Interface adjusts to reflect required information based on the device selected
    • Prescription file export operates in a batch mode, automatically naming multiple files using your defined file name template
    • Make final prescription and device adjustments during export
    • Change application units of measure
    • Adjust prescriptions with a percentage value or subtraction
    • Set defaults if GPS is lost
    • Set product set points to multiple layers that contain the same product or establish individual set points for unique products

Wireless Data Transfer

Export prescription files directly to the application vehicle using a wireless data transfer service, such as Onsite, MyJohnDeere, Slingshot and others.

Variable Rate Fertility Reports

Variable Rate Fertility reports can be created during Variable Rate Fertility Export or from Report Books. Include reports with your device files and use them for your records.

Map Report

Includes all VRF prescription instructions, by crop, location and crop year. Includes a map of all product data needed for the VRF application. The report can be generated to accompany device files.

Summary Report

The Summary Report includes all pertinent data for the VRF Recommendation. You can opt to include dealer prices and/or grower costs from the Fertilizer Editor.

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