Field Op Device Drivers (FODDs) are system components used for transferring monitor-specific data to/from data cards and the AgStudio product suite. Current FODDs are installed automatically with each product release (i.e. AgStudio and AgDirector). However, there are times when manufacturers make changes requiring FODD updates between releases. In such instances, you can download and install the most current version from here.

To select the device driver you need, choose the manufacturer for the Device to view a list of the compatible drivers, then click the link to install the Device Driver.


Each AGCO format has a device driver. Setup information, prescriptions, as-applied data, and harvest data can be passed to and from a console (sometimes referred to as a terminal). These FODDs are written and supported by AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS). The data drivers are installed automatically and used with ATS software – SGIS and GTA.
    • Falcon Device Driver (2.11 mb): Version 264 — November 14, 2008. Requires FODM 3.09.16 or greater. Writes Falcon TIF prescription files and reads Falcon as-applied files. There is no need for any licensing (no subscriptions, Map Translator, or acre charges).
    • Console I Device Driver (1.5 mb): Version 238 — April 21, 2009. Requires FODM 3.09.16 or greater. The Console I data logging format is also referred to as Datatronics III or Power Performance III. Console I and its data-logging format is available on some European tractors. It does not support harvest data or product application. The device driver writes planned tasks and reads logs for the Console I format.
    • Console II / Task Controller Device Driver (1.79 mb): Version — July 30, 2014. Requires FODM 3.09.16 or greater. This is the newest format. AGCO’s Console II, C1000, C2000 and C2100 are ISOBUS compatible and log data according to the ISO11783-10 specification. Over time, this is the preferred format. Don’t be confused – the firmware on the Console II and C2000 is referred to as: FIELDSTAR II and Falcon VT. They log a different format than the predecessor of the same name. The format supported in this data driver is referred to as Task Controller.
    • FIELDSTAR Device Driver (12.7 mb): Version 246 — April 21, 2009. Requires FODM 3.09.16 or greater. FIELDSTAR data is handled by this device driver. FIELDSTAR data includes harvest data and application data from the terminal of the same name.
This FODD is developed and supported by Agco.

Ag Leader

Ag Leader FODDs support reading and writing data from Ag Leader monitors.

This FODD is neither supported nor endorsed by Ag Leader.


These FODDs support reading and writing CNH data files.

    • MapShots CNH Voyager Field Operations Device Driver: (1.02 mb) Version 3.01.19 — Nov 16, 2006. Reads CNH Voyager yield files. Requires FODM 3.06.05 or greater.
    • MapShots CNH Voyager2 Field Operations Device Driver: (1.74 mb) Version 1.01.41 — May 8, 2015. Reads and writes CNH Voyager 2 files.
      This FODD now supports a test version of card setup and Rx generation.WARNING — The card setup feature is in beta testing and you should not use this without discussing prerequisites with your software vendor. In it’s current implementation, writing a card with this FODD and importing it to your monitor will add all exported items to those that are already in your monitor. The setup card should really only be used in a monitor where the existing setup has been erased. Code to resolve this limitation is being implemented.You can review this post on NAT for a long-winded discussion of some issues with the entire process.This FODD requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (23mb). (The installer will tell you if this framework is missing.)
    • MapShots CNH Flexi-Coil Field Operations Device Driver: (1.5 mb) Writes Flexi-Coil .pre prescriptions files and reads Flexi-Coil .log as-applied files. Requires FODM 3.09.16 runtime or greater.

These FODDs are neither endorsed nor supported by CNH.


The Agris FieldLink FODD supports writing FieldLink .map prescription files.

This FODD supported voluntarily by MapShots.

John Deere GreenStar

Deere FODDs support reading and writing data from Deere GreenStar monitors. – Resolves issue when reading harvest data that does not contain a machine type an out of memory error could occur. – Resolves issue when reading harvest data that does not contain a machine type.

    • Deere GS1 Field Operations Device Driver: (1.4 mb) Version 3.10.34 — Oct 15, 2008. Writes Deere GS1 setup and prescription files and reads GS1 Combine Yield Mapping, Harvest Doc, SeedStar, SprayStar, and Field Doc operation logs.
    • GreenStar Crop List: The Deere monitors require crop/commodity names that match their internal list. This document defines the supported crops. However, reasonable substitions are also supported. For instance, “Corn” will be mapped into “Corn (Wet)”, “Wheat” will map into one of the Deere wheats, and you can use Soybeans or Soybean. Choose Milo if you want Grain Sorghum.
    • Formatting a GS1 card: The GS1 monitor requires a very specific card format that can only be performed from the DOS prompt on Win2K, XP, and Vista machines. This document describes the required format and steps to perform it.
This FODD is endorsed by Deere and supported voluntarily by MapShots.


Writes Mid-Tech prescription files.

This FODD is neither supported nor endorsed by Mid-Tech.

New Leader

Reads New Leader DP6 .csv application files.

This FODD is neither supported nor endorsed by New Leader.

Precision Planting

The Precision Planting Field Operation Device Driver (FODD) supports reading logs from the 20/20 SeedSense planter and harvest monitor.
    • Precision Planting 20/20 Field Operations Device Driver: (5.3 mb) Version — Oct 18, 2016. This FODD provides access to all available data calculations, with data summarized across all rows associated with each variety. Data is also available for the averages of the Row Unit Modules (RUMs). A Diagnostic option in the FODD will optionally publish calculations for each individual row. – Fixed bug to allow processing of FieldView Drive files. – Fixed bug to allow processing of FieldView Drive files. – Added support for FieldView Drive yield data files. Improved support of true ups in YieldSense dat files. – Fixed bug not allowing some 2015 field map data to be imported.

This FODD is distributed and supported by Precision Planting.


Reads Raven RBin. Download the Shapefile FODD for generate Raven prescriptions.

This FODD is developed and supported by FarmWorks.


Reads generic shapefile logs and writes prescription files for FarmWorks SiteMate, Raven Viper, AgView, AIM, and any other device that can read generic shapefiles.


Writes setup and prescription files for the Trimble AgGPS 170, EZ Guide 500, and the FMD.

This FODD is neither supported nor endorsed by Trimble.

AgDirector and AgDirector Service

    • All FODDs install (42.8 mb) Version 3.15.108 — January 8, 2015.  Installs all Field Operation Device Drivers needed for AgDirector and AgDirector Services.  Learn more about the AgDirector line of products.

Field Operations Viewer

The Field Operations Viewer is a simple stand-alone application that can read and display the data logs from supported field devices. The data can then be exported to shapefile, csv, or other formats. The Viewer is not intended to be a full mapping solution, but it is available for public use because it can be used as a valuable diagnostic utility. Please keep in mind that this tool has not been robustly tested or documented, and that support for the Field Op Viewer will ONLY be provided via e-mail.

After installing the viewer, please install one or more FODDs from above. When a FODD is installed, it will automatically be detected by the FOViewer the next time it is started.

Field Operations Data Model

The Field Operations Data Model (FODM) is a set of components designed to present a common programming interface to the wide variety of field devices that are used in agriculture. FODM consists of a device independent runtime engine and plug-in Field Operations Device Drivers (FODDs) for type of supported field hardware.

    • FODM Runtimes (5.0 mb) Version 3.11.09 — Jun 25, 2009. Install this file if you are simply updating your computer to the latest version of FODM.