For over 25 years, MapShots has been a leader in the precision agricultural software industry. The defining characteristic of MapShots is their ability to develop powerful, yet easy-to-use software for farmers, service providers, and retailers.

MapShots recognizes that agriculture today is an extremely data rich environment. It takes the most up to date and feature-rich software available to work with this data and present it in a format that is easy to understand and use. Use AgStudio to automate and track your data to create better plans and manage fields, crops, fertilization, planting, scouting, and harvest!

MapShots also provides mobile and web applications to further assist you while you are out in the field. Take a look at all of our features and you’ll understand why AgStudio is one of the fastest growing software products in agriculture today!


Agriculture professionals across the US understand the importance of a complete, easy to use agronomic data analysis and record keeping software product! AgStudio provides a high degree of task automation, simplifying working with large volumes of data.

With MapShots AgStudio, you can:

    • Automate soil testing and test routines
    • Automate crop record keeping
    • Create variable rate prescriptions
    • Complete GIS/mapping components
    • Create Field Planting Maps and Build Recommendations
    • Manage multiple field boundary sets
    • Record field scouting observations and pictures with NOTES
    • Track and analyze yields and harvest inventories
    • Perform in depth data analysis
    • Manage irrigation pivots
    • Integrate data wirelessly
    • Generate customized reports
    • Provide direct data access anywhere through SELECT
    • Maintain lease and rental agreements
    • Develop winning plans!

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Additional Mobile and Web Based Applications

AgStudio NOTES

AgStudio NOTES is a web browser application to simplify the capture of field observations, including written notes and digital photos. AgStudio NOTES runs in any browser, including tablets. AgStudio NOTES lets you capture the critical in-season data you need to make timely crop management decisions.


A web browser based version of AgStudio, SELECT provides a simple/uncomplicated/streamlined, more responsive user experience. Agstudio SELECT is Not limited to use in the office by providing mobile access to your AgStudio data while in the field and using a tablet devices.

AgStudio MAP

The AgStudio MAP Mobile Application, is a complete mapping software designed for mapping all field boundaries and precision agricultural soil sampling programs utilizing GPS. AgStudio MAP integrates seamlessly with AgStudio programs to do wireless exchange work orders and soil sampling jobs.

AgDirector - For Application Developers and Programmers

AgDirector provides intelligent programming components that assist programmers and developers with the ability to create Agronomic Applications with Mapshots.