Whether you need to soil sample one field or one hundred, AgStudio MAP integrates seamlessly with AgStudio to efficiently perform wireless exchange of sampling work orders between your desktop and your iPad. Use AgStudio MAP to bring needed efficiencies to the soil test automation process.

AgStudio MAP provides the capabilities to draw boundaries by hand or via GPS, lay grids, and perform the soil sampling and mapping tasks based on sampling work orders generated by AgStudio. MAP is included with AgStudio.


With AgStudio MAP, you can:
    • Receive sampling work orders generated by AgStudio
    • Select preferred map parameters and settings
    • Change map background to include/exclude roads, aerial imagery with labels, or only aerial imagery
    • Map field boundaries by hand or using GPS
    • Pause/resume GPS data stream while mapping
    • Apply user defined grid and pan/rotate grid position
    • Navigate to directed sample target points or zones
    • Record soil sample points
    • Suspend sampling jobs and continue at a later date
    • Transmit completed sampling jobs to AgStudio database via wireless or cellular data connection
    • Cached imagery for displaying imagery w/o an internet connection in the field
    • Click here to read the AgStudio Map User Guide


MapShots AgStudio Map InfoGraphic
Adjust Sampling Plans

    • Pick the best test sites by placing, moving and rotating grids over existing field boundaries
    • Fine-tune boundaries by capturing multiple external boundaries and cutting out unnecessary obstacles
    • Change map background
    • Log a sample at a different location from where the test site is placed in the original work order


Real Time GPS Functionality

    • Automatic map updates display boundary line changes as they happen
    • Create Track progress by acquiring sample IDs from the sampling layer or auto-increment as you sample each location
    • Zoom to current GPS location
    • Center map on GPS


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