“Southern States Cooperative has been using MapShots software since 2001. We rely on MapShots expertise and support to deliver precision ag services to our customers in over 30 locations across 8 states.”
Phil Howard, Precision Ag Coordinator
Precision Soil Fertility Management
AgStudio is unmatched in its ability to create variable rate nutrient recommendations. Nutrient prescriptions can be developed using any combination of historical yield data, soil sample results, whether by point or region, as well as incorporating soil type data.Recommendations can be built using simple lookup tables, calculating crop removal from one or more years of yield data, as well as using Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets as a calculation engine. Recommendations can be generated field by field or automated in a batch process. Multiple fertilizer products can be selected to meet the nutrient needs as determined by the nutrient recommendation.
Variable Rate Irrigation and Seeding
The same processes used to develop variable rate nutrient recommendations are available for use in developing variable seed recommendations. When irrigation is in use, AgStudio can automatically create variable rate seed recommendations based on the areas receiving irrigation water versus areas that are dryland.