Soil SamplingPerform Complex Analysis Easily through a Scripted Approach

Performing a complex analysis using algorithms, reclassifications tables, and advanced Excel formulas can be easily accomplished using the Advanced Seed Rate Recommendation (ASR) extension.

The interface is scripted to guide you through creating recommendations quickly and easily. You can import a script or start a script from scratch. Values are entered manually or acquired through soil test results and other layers that exist.

The script is an efficiency tool in that you can create this template one time and then use it several times to generate seed rate suggestions based on the values in the template. Scripts can be simple soil seeding suggestions or complex multi-faceted templates that take into account a variety of inputs.

When building an ASR script, you have control over the following inputs:

Crops and Commodities
Additional Layers – You can prioritize the use of the layers, indicating which layer is used for spatial content and which layers to merge into the primary layer
Calculators – Reclassification or Excel calculators that run prior to surfacing
Surfacing options

The control over the implementation of the script continues with the Run options. You set the variables to use in the script and the domain to apply the script to, and you make decisions about how to handle:

Variety placement – You can choose to replace all, replace none, or skip crop zones with any existing placed varieties

Existing VRS recommendation – You can choose to replace all, replace none, or only apply to varieties with no VRS recommendation.

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