MapShots consists of a qualified team of professionals, many of whom have spent their entire lifetime working in agriculture. This combined knowledge and experience enhances their contributions to data management in agriculture.

Ted Macy, President of MapShots and his wife Nancy grew up on farm operations in Indiana. It was as a freshman at Purdue University that Ted’s vision of ag data management was born. Ted earned a Master’s degree in Ag Mechanization in 1980, and subsequently returned to the Indiana family farm where he remained for 10 years, growing the operation to 2000 acres. It was here on the farm in Richmond, Indiana where he grew his precision farming roots.

Realizing his passion was shared between technology and agronomy; he started a company, Applications Mapping, Inc. with a major soil testing firm in Frankfort, IL in 1992. Applications Mapping, Inc. developed the AgLink software that grew to become one of the most widely used precision ag software packages in the industry. In 1993, John Deere purchased Applications Mapping and in 1995 moved the team to Roswell, GA to be merged with Deere’s AGRIS Corporation. While at AGRIS, Ted continued the development of AgLink and also worked on several advanced data management projects for Deere & Co. His contributions were recognized in 1997 when he was awarded the Farm Chemicals SiteLiner precision ag industry award, and in 2008 when he was awarded the Precision Ag Award of Excellence by Meister Publications.

In 1999 Ted realized he missed the flexibility of a small company, and left AGRIS Corporation to form MapShots with his wife Nancy. In September 2000, Tim Taylor joined MapShots as the Director of Corporate Solutions, responsible for the business relationships MapShots has with its key accounts. Tim had also spent his lifetime in the agriculture industry. With a degree in Agricultural Engineering Technology, Tim spent the last 35 years working both in the agribusiness industry and being directly involved in production agriculture. Early in his career, he was involved in the design of advanced hydraulic control systems for the agricultural equipment industry. Later he spent 14 years managing a 1800-acre farming operation. It was during this time he met Ted and Nancy Macy and became a valued Applications Mapping customer. Subsequently, Tim left the farm operation to join the Macy’s at AGRIS Corporation, where he filled a variety of Sales and Marketing roles. These experiences afforded Tim a unique perspective when working with MapShots clients.

Clint Ingram joined MapShots as a summer intern in 2003, and became a full time employee in March 2004. Clint is a graduate of Illinois State University, with a double major in Applied Computer Science and Agriculture Engineering Technology Management. Clint is MapShots expert regarding soil sample lab operations. Clint has experience in all phases of soil sampling, having worked many years in his family’s soil test lab business in Central Illinois.

In January of 2001, MapShots acquired the EASi brand of grower software products from Charley Engelhardt of Steeleville, Illinois. Charley, a 25-year veteran in the Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, believed that computers and software were to become an important part of the modern farming operation, and formed Engelhardt Agri-Services in 1982. His first solution was the EASi Crop, which developed into the Windows-based EASi Crops Professional series which he launched in the early 1990’s as an easy to use, yet comprehensive, software program for crop record keeping. Folding into the MapShots product offerings, EASi Crop was enhanced to include GIS capabilities and extended record keeping functionality. The product was renamed EASi Suite and was embraced by a substantial number of progressive growers and agricultural professionals.

In October 2015, Dupont Pioneer acquired ownership of MapShots. MapShots provides Pioneer with several software applications, including the FIT mapping services, Field360 Studio and Field360 Select.

As it has from inception, MapShots continues to provide innovative solutions for data management in the agriculture industry. Today, MapShots provides the agricultural industry with its AgStudio® line of precision agronomy software. The AgStudio platform is designed to take advantage of today’s communication technologies, including the internet and wireless communications.