Agriculture is defined as the science, art and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock. This definition has not changed with time. We, who work in agriculture, produce the food, fiber, and fuel that everyone needs to carry out a productive life. In recent years, new words have filtered into the agricultural vocabulary including prescription application, multi-spectral images, variable-rate technology, and sustainability. These words and many more are part of Precision Agriculture. Taking the old definition and adding technology gives Growers and Ag Businesses the ability to manage data and have greater control over crop and animal production.

Mapshots is at the epicenter of precision agriculture. Always assuming a leading edge, we develop software applications that supply growers and agricultural service providers the systems they need to manage data and make decisions in a simple, timely manner with our AgStudio line of software products. In addition, we work with other software developers in the creation of industry leading products with our AgDirector line of products. We have a customer support staff that is unparalleled in the industry for giving fast effective service. It is our intent to do whatever we can in the management of agricultural data and support the growth and sustainability of the agriculture industry.

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Variable Rate Fertility

Variable Rate Fertility for MapShots agricultural mapping and crop data management software to customize nutrient reccomendationsThe Variable Rate Fertility Workflow, utilizes several extensions within AgStudio, that guide you through the process of creating customized nutrient recommendations; Using your specific criteria based on your personal agronomic philosophy.

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Advanced Nutrient Recommendations

Variable Rate Seeding for MapShots agricultural mapping and crop data management softwareThe same processes used to develop variable rate nutrient recommendations are available for use in developing variable rate seed recommendations. When irrigation is in use, AgStudio can automatically create variable rate seed recommendations based on the areas receiving irrigation water versus areas that are dryland.

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Soil Test Automation

Soil Test Automation for MapShots agricultural mapping and crop data management software integrates all field and office equipment for more accurate soil testing.The AgStudio™ Soil Test Automation solution integrates desktop, server, and mobile solutions to make the soil testing process smoother, faster, and more accurate.

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