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Business Tools

AgStudio’s Business Tools offer the ability to track business functions in your operations. Use the Lease Manager tool to perform crop record keeping activities for your entire operation. Leases play an important role in your farming operation. You can create individual leases for each agreement you need to set up. Those may include a cash lease, a crop share lease, or both. In each agreement, you can specify the crop year, crop, commodity, GMO and cultural practices, if applicable, as well as the terms of the agreement along with the associates and landlords involved.
Use the Lease Manager tool to keep records as you farm the land and generate reports with information you need. With all of the GIS data flowing into the system, getting the right reports and correct information out is imperative. Business tools gives you the unmatched ability to record your specific lease agreement information that are then used for reporting input shares and costs to all participants. You can:

    • Use operational boundaries for machinery and business boundaries for landlord splits
    • Manage shares and identify costs for your landlords and business associates
    • Use AgStudio SELECT to quickly share all business information
    • Generate all records required by USDA
    • Create cost summary reports showing shares and allocated costs

Through the use of guided dialogs and a strong map interface, Lease Manager is comprehensive in its capability and simple in its design.

Making profitable decisions is what AgStudio products are all about!