Commodity Inventory

AgStudio’s Commodity Inventory is a powerful and flexible extension that provides tools to efficiently manage your inventory. Use Commodity Inventory to create the components you need to assign loads to load groups, ship, deliver, and disperse inventory to previously-created contracts or direct sell.

Basic Features

    • Through the entry of loads, whether staying on-farm, going to a commercial facility, or in-transit, you know what came off the field
    • Manage multiple loads in a single load group to track drying and commingling of grain
    • When loads are allocated to a transport vehicle keep track of them between facilities to ensure a final delivery
    • Keep scale ticket information in one place while also allocating participant shares for each ticket
    • Keep track of grain sales through dispersals, direct sales, and credit contracts
    • Manage your operation with the Inventory View features which give a snapshot of the current status of your entire inventory.