Mapshots_AgStudio_VariableRateSeedingVariable Rate Seeding – matching planting rates to the productivity potential of the soil – can increase yield, cut costs and raise profits. AgStudio™ supports the creation and ongoing management of each growers and service providers Variable Rate Seeding strategy, with easy-to-use advanced tools, that enable you to use long-term yield data as well as soil quality and irrigation conditions, to identify optimum economic seeding rates for maximum yield.

    • Save time with a simplified, seamless workflow – from initial variety placement to reports
    • Use the flexibility of AgStudio™ to create Variable Rate Seeding recommendations based on soil type, crop zone or management layer
    • Choose from simple reclassification or advanced multi-layer calculators based upon your own seed rate and placement philosophies
    • Save time when you run and prioritize several Variable Rate Seeding recommendations in one calculation
    • Take recommendations for several varieties to the field for changes on the fly

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Advanced Variety Placer

Place Products with a Few Simple Clicks

Interactive maps and one-click visual field selections simplify placing crops and speed up product placement.

    • Assign crop zones and place products individually or in batches by clicking on the crop, then the desired fields in the interactive map
    • Import all crops and hybrids that you work with for quick selection
    • The Advanced Variety Placer automatically updates seed rate and number of acres while you review and edit placed products
    • Get quick access to existing seeding proposals, which are automatically displayed when the grower is selected
    • Access relevant information to make seeding decisions by viewing other layers, such as soil types, in the interactive map
    • Mark locations on the map with pushpins to indicate placement

Variable Rate Seeding Recommendations

Choose the Process and Features that Meet Your Needs

AgStudio™ gives you options to create your Variable Rate Seeding recommendations based on your specific needs. With minimal data, you can quickly create a recommendation by field, or customize as much as your needs dictate over multiple fields and growers.

    • Build suggestions for previously placed products
    • Save scripts to run the same recommendation at any time on any field
    • Edit, copy or export your saved scripts for use in other devices


After creating your Variable Rate Seeding recommendations, you can edit them using the Variable Rate Seeding Editor, export the data using the Variable Rate Seeding Export extension or use the data in various reports generated through the Variable Rate Seeding Books and Report Books extensions.


Use simple reclassification tables when you’re using single input and need single output

    • AgStudio™ automatically checks seeding rates to confirm that they are within your specified range
    • Use simple reclassification tables to create Variable Rate Seeding scripts
    • AgStudio™ automatically detects and processes only fields that do not have an existing recommendation


Use the Advanced tool if you have more than one input variable and want to build recommendations in batches

    • Create multiple recommendations to have alternatives for comparison and to make changes in the field
    • Run scripts in an efficient batch process for multiple growers and fields at one time
    • Access data from several layers via spatial merges
    • Save time by placing variety and creating seeding recommendations at one time

The Advanced Seed Rate Recommendation Extension guides you through the process of creating seeding recommendations

AgStudio Calculators

Powerful Tools for Recommendation Development

AgStudio™ calculators are powerful tools that help you generate recommendations using input variables you define based on your agronomic philosophy. Use the customizable calculators to calculate a variety of input combinations for use in Script Editors.

    • Import or manually enter your own variables to use in the creation of scripts
    • Once created, save calculators for future use
    • Pick variables from any layer
    • For Nutrient Recommendations, use calculators on pre- or post-surface layers or both at the same time
    • When creating Nutrient Recommendations, use the post surface calculator for crop removal based on yield data
    • Pick variables from surface or soil test layers

Advanced Nutrient and Seeding Recommendations can be developed using Reclassification Tables or Excel™ spreadsheet calculators

Reclassification Calculators

The Reclassification Wizard walks you through the creation of a calculator, including source (scalar or nominal) and destination attributes. Reclassification tables are best suited for one variable, can include conditionals and use interpolation to generate prorated recommendations.

Excel™ Spreadsheet Calculators

Powerful Excel™ spreadsheet calculators are best for multiple variables and conditionals, and offer the most flexibility for more complex calculations. Click Here To Preview an Excel Spreadsheet

Modify Variable Rate Seeding Recommendations

Adjust Recommendations for Further Customization

Once you have created Variable Rate Seeding recommendations, you can further customize them to fine tune for irrigation and other considerations in the field.


    • Adjust or assign seeding rates to dry land, irrigated land, or both
    • Custom pivots can include corners or other irrigation types
    • Apply batch processing to new or previously created Variable Rate Seeding recommendations
    • GPS integration


    • Use the check block tool allows to cut out a specific area on a field to adjust seeding rate for just that area
    • Edit both polygon and surfaced layers
    • Make batch adjustments for selected, unselected fields, or both
    • Ensure recommendations address all factors by splitting, joining, grouping or ungrouping polygons

Variable Rate Seeding File Export

Flexible Export Options Get the Right Information to the Field

AgStudio™ conveniently exports your customized Variable Rate Seeding files to all common devices.

    • Have AgStudio™ automatically name batched files for quick export
    • Link Variable Rate Seeding attributes to a specific seed product
    • Export at any level: grower, farm, field, crop zone or planned field operation
    • Save time as the Variable Rate Seeding Export Tool automatically populates all Variable Rate Seeding layers so you can pick just the layers to export
    • Opt to set application points if desired
    • Preview the recommendation map for all selected layers


Preview the recommendation map for all selected layers

Click Here to view the Preview

Variable Rate Seeding Report Books

Easy Customization with Reusable Templates

The reporting features in AgStudio™ give you the flexibility to customize your reports to suit your specific needs. Create report templates once and reuse them whenever needed.

    • Print seeding prescription maps with your Variable Rate Seeding recommendation
    • Generate a proposed planting summary and detail, including variety by priority and field as well as number of bags to purchase
    • Control content and display of information
    • Save time by creating report templates for reuse

Variable Rate Seeding Book Extension

The Variable Rate Seeding Book Extension gives you a simple point and click option to create a recommendation map report for the entire grower, farm, field, crop zone or layer level.

AgStudio™ Report Book

The AgStudio™ Report Book Extension provides greater flexibility and control over report content and information display.

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