AgStudio: New Update, New Look, New Features

On September 20, MapShots introduced Service Pack 2 for AgStudio 2013. Packed with enhancements, new features, and a new look.

Ted Macy, Vice-President of Operations at MapShots indicated, “This is a milestone release as it contains the initial implementation of our new Commodity Inventory and Business Integration modules.”

In addition, the release contains other key modifications including:

  • Enhancements to nutrient planning capabilities including the ability to use post-surface calculators that you can run to adjust the surface that is initially generated with the pre-surface calculators.
  • To facilitate ease of use, MapShots restructured the entire menu system and updated common resource icons. These enhancements provide a more modern look and a more streamlined approach to working with the powerful AgStudio features. While the menu restructuring aligns extensions in a workflow-oriented manner, you can use a new Favorites feature to optimize the menus for your specific needs.
  • New editors including Facility, Machine, and Task are available to create and edit items that you want to track with your crop records. In addition to creating new items, you can also track extended properties (categorized name/value pairs) to use as cross-references on domain items.
  • Other new extensions include the ability to export all boundaries in the database into a single shapefile and the ability to create manual field operations for those tasks that are not performed with GPS based equipment.
  • Streamlined reports and the addition of new reports.

To learn more about this release, click here to view the Release Notes for this update or contact us at 800-513-6093.

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