AgStudio: Service Pack 3 is Now Available

On November 26, MapShots introduced Service Pack 3 for AgStudio 2013. Ted Macy, Vice-President of Operations at MapShots said, “Several customers, especially former EASi Grain customers, have responded positively to the new Commodity Inventory extension that enables them to manage their harvest inventory from storage through dispersals.”

Commodity Inventory provides the ability to:

  • Create contracts for the dispersal of inventory
  • Design load groups to facilitate tracking inventory
  • Assign loads to load groups
  • Manage shipping of inventory
  • Customize dispersals
  • Maintain inventory awareness

In addition, the release contains other key modifications and enhancements including:

  • The Export Shapefile Layer extension has been retooled as the Export Layer extension which permits exports to shapefile, tab-delimited, or comma-separated file formats.
  • Advanced Nutrient Suggestions effectively handles some boundaries that older GIS packages considered to be invalid. It also supports a yield goal variable and ignores soil test layers that do not yet have results. Further, you can save scripts that include special automatic variables (i.e. CurrentCropYear and CropZoneCropYear).
  • Several enhancements to reporting capabilities including an option for adding SampleID and/or soil test values on surfaced soil test maps, a new multiple year yield summary report, a yield goal column on the CropZones list, an inclusion of weighted averages on Variable Rate Seeding reports, and much more.
  • The Polygonize extension now operates on all group attributes, rather than only the selected attribute, and any numeric data for which there is a rounding option selected.
  • Advanced Treatment Analysis scripts are now processed more quickly and maintain the grouping in the Preview feature for report generation. Also, added Moisture Content and Quantity as analyzed attributes.
  • Added validation to Fertilizer Editor for density entries.
  • Added support for entering product price and cost, and printing those numbers on Product Rx reports.
  • Enhanced surfacing features to allow for surfacing polygon layers and added a new extension to surface field operations.
  • You can now email Diagnostics messages, including Warnings, Errors, and Info to support to facilitate resolving any issues.

For our former EASi Suite customers, you now have access to some of the popular features from that product including:

  • Show-Me-Where on the Layer, VRS, and CropZone editors.
  • Remap to Boundary on the Layer and VRS editors.

To learn more about this release, view the Release Notes for this update or contact us at 678-513-6093.

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