AgStudio SP0 Releases Soon

MapShots has been spending considerable time designing a new and improved “under the hood” foundation for AgStudio that will significantly improve performance in many areas, most notably when rendering maps.

In addition to the groundwork activities, the next release of AgStudio will contain:

    • Significant redesign of the Soil Test Automation process to facilitate efficient management of soil test sampling
    • Redesign of Product dialogs to provide more control over filtering and identifying specific products within extensions where you can assign products
    • Improved performance in Variable Rate Fertility and Export Manager
    • Updates to several reports including Application Summary, Cost Summary, Fertilizer Summary, Yield By Shareholder, Yield By Soil Type, and Yield Summary
Finally, we are employing an automated test process that increases our ability to identify and resolve issues quickly. Coupled with the manual quality testing, we offer a stable and powerful software solution.

With an expected release date of mid-July, keep an eye out for future blasts that will provide details about some of these features.

Thank you,

The MapShots Team

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