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December 10, 2013

MapShots launches comprehensive business modules in the latest version of AgStudio. “These features are key for our entire customer base,” says Tim Taylor, Key Account Manager for MapShots, “not only do you get all of the functionality that you need, but you have a great deal of flexibility with an easy-to-use interface.”

Lease Manager

The Lease Manager is a robust extension that allows you to create the details of the crop agreement including setting the terms, selecting the associates and landlords, and selecting the fields involved in the agreement. You can even detail GMO traits and cultural practices, such as organic, irrigation, and tillage associated with the crop. You can select a variety of lease types including owned, rent and share, rent only, and share only, and provide details about the shares for each of these lease type options. When working with field selection, you have a full array of field boundary tools including select, explode, and split to facilitate assigning fields for each agreement. When an associate or landlord needs to view the lease boundaries, AgStudio restricts the display to the areas associated with the lease.

Commodity Inventory

The Commodity Inventory dialogs provide detailed guidance to create all of the components you need to assign loads to load groups, ship, deliver, and disperse inventory to previously-created contracts or direct sell, along with track your inventory. The dialogs are maintained to allow successive creation of these components so that you can manage multiple operations easily. While ease of use was a key development objective, more importantly, the flexibility and robustness of the extension was a priority.

Load Entry consists of a variety of types including On-Farm, Off-Farm, or In-Transit allowing you to customize the load to your exact specifications. Deliveries also offer a variety of types including Harvest From Field, Complete an In-Transit, From an On-Farm Facility, or From Commercial Facility allowing you to not only specify the type but assign participant shares. Participant Shares can be assigned by Share or Quantity, and you can specify the Allocation Type (Credit Contract, Direct Sale, Grain Bank, Open Storage, or Warehouse Receipt).  Thus, allowing you to package the entire delivery process on one delivery ticket.

Dispersal Location and Dispersal Type are specified along with Participant, Quantity, Price, and Total Revenue under a Dispersal ID for easy tracking, and the Inventory view gives you a snapshot of the current status of your entire inventory.

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