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Information on DuPont Acquisition of Granular

As you may be aware, DuPont acquired ag software company Granular on August 31, 2017. Granular, a San Francisco-based company, is a leading provider of [...]

Seeding Selection Success

Days are getting longer and warmer; the urge to get outside is growing. Getting ready for the 2017 season has never been easier. AgStudio has a variety of [...]

Real Observations in Realtime

Keeping a close eye on every phase of your operation or those of your customer's can make a huge difference in performance and profitability. Imagine a [...]

Post-Planting Support

Now that planting is well underway, MapShots wants to support you in the next phase of crop production by providing several tools to take your field operation [...]

Don’t Miss a Minute of Productivity – AgStudio 2015 SP3 Hot Fix 4

We've made incredible progress toward improving the performance of the VRF and VRS export processes. In some testing, it only takes 1/10th of the prior time to [...]

New Releases from MapShots Improve Yield Analysis, Boost Multi-Variety Recommendations and More!

For precision agriculture providers using MapShots AgStudio® software, several improved functions are available in 2016. The company announced three new [...]

Springing Toward Planting with MapShots

With spring planting just around the corner, MapShots, Inc., has provided new and updated tools to help farmers generate plans for their acreage this year. New [...]

AgStudio 2015 SP3 Hot Fix 2 is now available

The SP3 Hot Fix 2 install file and Release Notes are now available to download from Product Releases. The primary focus of this release of AgStudio is the [...]

MapShots and Trimble Announce New Integration with Trimble’s Connected Farm

MapShots, Inc. and Trimble today announced a new integration that allows all users of MapShots’ signature AgStudio® software platform to read as-applied [...]

AgStudio 2015 SP3 Hot Fix 1 is now available

The SP3 Hot Fix 1 install file and Release Notes are now available to download from Product Releases. This release is focused on cleaning up issues in field [...]