Efficiently Manage Field Operation Data

November 4, 2013

MapShots has significantly improved the Field Op Resource Linker extension in its recent SP2 release of AgStudio. “To maximize the analytical abilities of AgStudio, you need to be able to tie all of your imported field operations data to a database item; the enhanced Field Op Resource Linker allows you to do that with great flexibility and ease of use,” said Shauna Ingram, Support and Documentation Manager at MapShots.

The FieldOp Resource Linker is used to link database tasks, crops, commodities, products, operators, and machines to the matching items in the logs imported from field devices. Use the multiple tabs in the FieldOp Resource Linker to ensure that your resource information is properly linked to the items in the database. You can:

  • change the task associated to the field operation
  • change/correct the crop to which data is related
  • link field operations to existing operators or add operators to field operations
  • link or add one or more machines to a field operation
  • associate your database products and commodities to the products defined in the field device logs, with the option to correct entries made erroneously in the field
  • Coming in SP3:  Add products manually to site-verification data

AgStudio initiates its dynamic linking process based on selections you made in the FieldOp Resource Linker. Customizable views, manual linking, and batch mode auto-linking make it easy to align your imported data with your database.

“With your imported field operation data tightly aligned to the database, you set the stage for warehouse analysis and standardized reporting”, Ingram said.

To learn more about the AgStudio and the Field Op Resource Linker functionality, contact our sales staff at 678-513-6093.

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