Farm Data Processing In a Snap

Troy Bane Harvest Land Co-op
Troy Bane, Precision Date Analyst, Harvest Land Co-op.

It used to take hours and hours for Troy Bane to process data from his growers’ fields in east central Indiana. “Depending on how clean the data was, it could really tie up their Internet,” says the Precision Data Analyst for Harvest Land Co-op in Richmond, Ind.

Now, Bane just pushes a few buttons and within minutes, the data is processed. The difference? Last year, the company began using AgDirector® services in conjunction with its subscription to the MapShots AgStudio® software platform.

“I simply upload the data through one laptop and let the MapShots servers do the work,” notes Bane. “It’s just wham-bam and done!”

AgDirector services simplify and automate the process of managing the wide variety of dense, GPS field operation data logs commonly used in agriculture and other processes.

Farming Effectively and Profitably
Owned by farmers in East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio, Harvest Land Co-op specializes in providing farmers with the products and services they need to farm effectively and profitably. Bane is one of six employees who handle precision ag responsibilities for approximately 450,000 acres of growers’ crops within the cooperative.

“We have a four-year, all-inclusive program for our growers,” explains Bane. “We start out with soil sampling, but include all data management, consulting, variable rate application and seeding information. Another gentleman with my job title takes the soil recommendations to fertilizer product to actually get applied to the acres.”

AgStudio software gives Bane a high degree of task automation, simplifying his work with large volumes of data. The platform is extremely flexible and allows him to customize his data needs, depending on the farmer’s needs.

“We like AgStudio for its ease of use, its customization and the fact that all data is right there, in the same location,” Bane adds. “And it’s hard to mess up. I’d say it’s foolproof — but I have managed to mess up a few times!”

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