Mapshots 2015 Customer Conference – Feb 11th-14th at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center

The MapShots 2015 Customer Conference

Is Right Around The Corner – Feb 11th-14th.

The MapShots team is preparing for the upcoming Customer Conference and is enthusiastic about the many features and informative sessions that are being planned. As a prospective attendee of the conference, you may be evaluating the benefits of attending. Here are several reasons to plan to be at the 2015 Customer Conference.

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Your Voice is Heard

As a MapShots client, you have always had the ability to make recommendations and enhancements to the product line. At the conference setting, your ideas are explored among your peers and strategies are discussed as how enhancements can best meet your needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your voice heard.

Hands-On Experience

Several new features are being introduced at the conference and you will have the chance to learn more about these features and get hands-on experience with some of the field devices. When making a decision about the most efficient way to use a software product, knowing first- hand how it operates gives you a deeper understanding.   As we heard at the AgStudio Expo in St. Louis, there are many features that people don’t know AgStudio has, such as SELECT!   Let’s learn what AgStudio has and the plans for additions for 2015/16.

Share and Learn

Networking with people who have a similar objective and focus as you do provides a setting for engaging and interactive exchanges. Share tips for using MapShots products, discuss various practices that can build your business and enable you to operate more efficiently, and explore other business tools and technologies.

Dig Deep

In the breakout sessions, gain in-depth knowledge of the key parts of the MapShots products. Limited group size allows for deeper exploration and more hands-on time with the product.

Register Now

Don’t miss one moment of this conference, register before December 19th for a discount in the registration fees. Complete the Registration Form today or contact Sales at (678) 513-6093.

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