MapShots AgStudio® Software Joins Support of Precision Impact Awards

MapShots AgStudio® software is now a supporter of the Precision Impact Awards program, an annual award originated by the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) and Ag Professional magazine.

Designed to acknowledge agricultural retailers for introducing their customers to precision agriculture technology, the Precision Impact Awards were developed to honor local operations throughout the country. They recognize companies that are doing an outstanding job of helping customers improve efficiencies by using the latest technology.

“We are supporting these awards to assist our customers within ARA and develop additional resources for users of AgStudio software,” said Doug Mills, MapShots operations manager. “MapShots has a long history within the retail and service provider markets. ARA is a strong voice within those markets, and we want to be part of that voice.”

The Precision Impact Awards demonstrate that ag retailers using precision ag technology are good environmental stewards, technologically savvy, leaders in economic return on investment, educators of their customers and overall agricultural innovators.

Winners will be selected for the South, North and Plains/West regions. Entries will be judged on five criteria:

    • Input Efficiency Using Precision Technology
    • Grower Engagement and Encouragement of Customer Use
    • Stewardship of the Environment
    • Overall Innovative Use of Precision Technology
    • Bottom-line Profitability for the Company and Customers
Entries will be accepted until Aug. 31. The awards will be presented at the ARA Conference and Expo in Palm Desert, Calif., Dec. 1-3. Two representatives of each award winner will receive free registration, hotel and travel to the conference.

For more information, visit and click the Precision Impact Award in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Precision Impact Awards

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