Mapshots Announces Satshot Imagery Integration

Cumming, GA, – MapShots and Agri ImaGIS Technologies Inc., announced today the access of Satshot Imagery products in the MapShots AgStudio® precision agronomy software application.

By integrating Agri ImaGIS Technologies Satshot Imagery into MapShots Ag Studio, users now have access to multiple satellite imagery products to analyze and process vegetation changes within their fields. Satshot allows users to subscribe their field within Ag Studio and be auto email notified of when the satellite accesses their field through the Satshot ICUE system.

“Access to Satshot Imagery through MapShots will make it much easier for the user to monitor their crops growing conditions within season as well as use the imagery data for VRA ready applications. “said Lanny Faleide , president of Agri ImaGIS Technologies Satshot system. “MapShots is a very powerful system for Precision Ag with the addition of imagery vegetation data to manage a fields growth conditions.”

“Satshot Imagery in MapShots will now give our user more information to make intelligent decisions of their fields. ” said Ted Macy, Vice-President of Operations at MapShots. “Easy access to the levels of vegetation biomass areas from Satshot will help drive very detailed application maps for users and their machines.”

About MapShots, Inc.
MapShots, Inc., headquartered in Cumming, GA, is an agricultural software development company, with a controlling interest owned by DuPont Pioneer. MapShots provides precision agronomy software applications for crop input suppliers, crop consultants, seed dealers and farmers. MapShots AgStudio® is a registered trademark of DuPont Pioneer. For more information, visit

About Agri ImaGIS Technologies Inc.
Agri ImaGIS Technologies Inc., based in Fargo ND provides remote sensing data analysis and distribution services to the ag industry. Its Satshot system gathers, analyzes, distributes and notifies accurate remote sensed imagery and spatial database information of farm fields, that help farmers and commercial ag companies.

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