MapShots Gets Rave Reviews for In-House Training

When CropC Systems needed clarification on the ins and outs of using MapShots AgStudio® software in its precision ag operations, Clint Ingram came to the rescue.

As Field Product Manager for MapShots, Ingram will visit customer locations on request to assist with the myriad uses of MapShots AgStudio software.

Ingram’s recent in-house training session at CropC Systems Software and GMS Laboratories Inc. in north-central Illinois yielded a much better understanding of the software capabilities for owner Herb Steffen, sales manager Michael Leitz and cartographer Cheryl Williams-Molck.

Here are a few of their comments:

“I was amazed at what AgStudio can do with analytics.  I don’t see myself needing SST now that I understand AgStudio analytics.”
Michael Leitz

He hit the mark, answered the questions that we needed help with.”
Herb Steffen

After 4 years of using AgStudio I like it better all the time!”
Cheryl Williams-Molck

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