MapShots, Inc., adds DTN/The Progressive Farmer Capabilities to AgStudio

MapShots, Inc., a developer and provider of industry leading software for agricultural data management, has announced an agreement with DTN/The Progressive Farmer that will bring historical and daily weather information to AgStudio users. This will give growers additional information needed to make important operational decisions.

AgStudio users will be able to utilize the data interpolation from a large network of weather stations, including those positioned on growers’ farms, which provide accurate, local information as well as environmental conditions in other regions. AgStudio users will have access, to daily estimated growing degree days, precipitation, evapotranspiration and crop heating units for their fields. These additions give growers more tools to increase efficiency and farm profits.

MapShots is dedicated to bringing the very best user-friendly data management solutions to agriculture. For further information, contact Tim Taylor, Key Account Manager, at 215-378-7771, or visit us at or call (866) 886-7616. For information and to subscribe to DTN/The Progressive Farmer services, visit

MapShots, Inc. provides innovative solutions for data management by producers, service providers and third-party developers in the agriculture industry. With its AgStudio, AgStudio Select, AgStudio Maps and Ag Director programs, MapShots provides the agricultural industry and developers the right products to gather and manage data. The AgStudio platform is designed to take advantage of today’s communication technologies, including the internet, wireless and newly developed communications. Visit for additional information or call (866) 886-7616

DTN/The Progressive Farmer is revolutionizing the agriculture industry with its game-changing agricultural information solutions and market intelligence that enable customers to actively and effectively manage their businesses. The company’s insightful, independent content along with proprietary business management tools and in-depth market analysis empower better decision making from today’s forward-looking agricultural producers, agribusiness leaders and commodity market traders. For the latest DTN/The Progressive Farmer editorial, weather and market information or more on all DTN/The Progressive Farmer services, visit


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