MapShots Offers Online Learning Center for Product Training and More!

Mapshots Learning Center Screen ShotA robust web-based training center with videos and reference guides designed to help current and potential customers learn the ins and outs of MapShots’ AgStudio portfolio of products, the MapShots Learning Center is now live on the company’s website:

In a phased roll-out of offerings, the first set of videos and reference guides were released in January and can be accessed now through the Learning tab. New content will be continually added throughout the year and refreshed on an ongoing basis.

“Going forward, release of our videos and reference guides will be tailored to the specific season, starting with spring planting, then moving to fertilizer treatments, pesticide applications, lease management and harvest,” said Shauna Ingram, Documentation Testing and Quality Assurance Lead for MapShots. “They cover a wide variety of topics — both Introductory and Intermediate.”

Introductory videos are generally under 10 minutes, showing users various aspects of MapShots’ flagship AgStudio platform.  They demonstrate one or two tools per video, giving users an on-screen perspective and thumbnail view of the product.  Intermediate videos cover more advanced topics and can be up to 15 minutes long.

“With reference guides, we’ve created documents that show a process flow,” added Ingram. “They document specific processes  involving one or more tool extension within the program. They are basically high level overviews showing the pieces you’ll need to create prescriptions and send them out to your machines.”

MapShots plans to offer an additional Remote Training section to the Learning Center in the near future. Geared toward those with specific needs, Remote Training will encompass one-hour Web Meeting sessions led by MapShots Support Team representatives.

“We will continually add new content to the Learning Center and revamp videos and reference guides as-needed,” Ingram noted. “Our goal is to streamline the learning curve for current and potential customers as much as possible.”

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