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Andy Nicholson - MapShots AgStudio Customer TestimonialPart of a three-man shop in west-central Indiana, Andy Nicholson, of Nicholson Consulting LLC, works with customers in western Indiana from Lafayette to Louisville on the Ohio River. His father, Melvin, started the business in the 1980s and Andy joined the company after college in 1999. He began using MapShots in 2001.

“We got in on the ground floor with MapShots. We made the transition from EasiSuite to AgStudio PRO and use it for the entire process with our growers,” he says. “Basically, we are soil fertility consultants, so we track all soil fertility data for our customers — from soil sampling to fertilizer recommendations and trouble-shooting problems. We can do all of that with AgStudio. It’s very flexible.

“AgStudio PRO takes us from the beginning to the end of the process with our growers. We develop soil test areas, export the files, import data back in automatically, archive records and generate recommendations and reports — that’s 90 percent of what we do for our customers.

“We chose MapShots over some competitors because they had the best batch processes. We moved to AgStudio for more automation, the online data connections and open data across equipment manufacturers. We can generate overall reports for all crops, fields and operations. If we have a client who is thinking of doing things differently this year, we can look back at the reports, tweak the formula and come up with a different recommendation.

“I live about a half hour from the office and the other consultant lives an hour away. Being able to view the data at home and not have to come into the shop is great. With MapShots’ new mobile platform, AgStudio SELECT, we can now do this.

“AgStudio SELECT is best for client visits. We sit down and start talking. Something comes up and I can reach over and bring it up on the tablet with SELECT. I don’t need to worry about having everything printed out or keeping a laptop database synched.”

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