Mike Santostefano – Director of Marketing and Business Development with AgIntegrated – State College – Pennsylvania

“AgIntegrated is an independent consulting and development company that works with almost every segment of the ag industry. In addition to ag retailers, insurance providers, and input manufacturers, we also work with independent software dealers like MapShots to help open the flow of information.

Our Onsite platform is connected with MapShots AgStudio to help organize and move as-applied, yield, prescription files and any other files between systems and auto-process it immediately. A user of AgStudio PRO doesn’t have to drive out to the field and work with the grower to get that information.

We’ve been around since 2007. Early adoption of precision ag was stifled by the fact you couldn’t get information moved around and into the right place at the right time. With MapShots AgStudio, users can turn that information into actionable, valuable services back to the growers.”

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