AgSense – WagNet
Link a grower in the AgStudio database to their account in the powerful AgSense WagNet cloud to enable many opportunities. WagNet is most notably known for its integration with the Field Commander center pivot add-on control panel. When connected to the WagNet cloud, a grower can:

    • Download their pivot layouts automatically into the center pivot irrigation editor
    • View the operating status of all pivots at any point in time
    • Download watering records and treat them as as-applied information, just like from any other machine
    • Upload variable rate irrigation watering tables into the Field Commander control box
    • Download and view moisture probes connected to the Field Commander controllers.

Please click here to view instructions on connecting WagNet and Agstudio.

To learn more information about AgSense’s WagNet, See Their Videos Here:

Order a historical weather subscription (need to find out the actual product name) for a grower through DTN, and this add-on will automatically download interpolated daily weather values for the centroid of every one of their fields. This daily data contains precipitation, growing degree days, crop heating units, and evapotranspiration. You can view this information on the map for year-to-date, since planting date, or any date range. You can also compare this season’s weather versus historical trends. The growing degree accumulation can also be used for scheduling planned field operations.
FieldWatch - Driftwatch
FieldWatch LogoDriftWatch is a multi-state registry which provides location and contact information for specialty crop and apiary sites in member states. Access to the DriftWatch data stream as a MapShots extension requires the user to have a FieldWatch membership for small annual fee. A user token is provided with the FieldWatch membership and that token enables your AgStudio software to populate with DriftWatch sites. To integrate the DriftWatch data stream into AgStudio, users must sign up for a FieldWatch Applicator Membership and pay a low annual data subscription fee. Both applicators and multi-branch retailers should visit the FieldWatch (FieldWatch, Inc oversees the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Registry) homepage at and follow instructions to register as members.

Driftwatch Logo

GeoVantage provides flown-on-demand aerial imagery services. With this add-on, you:

John Deere - MyJohnDeere
John Deere - MyJohnDeereService providers can invite growers with MyJohnDeere subscriptions to participate in two-way data sharing for automating data imports directly from a grower’s machines, or sending prescription and setup information directly to a grower’s accounts.In addition, growers with WDT (Wireless Data Transfer) subscriptions can link to their own accounts in MyJohnDeere and have the ability to send prescriptions and setup information directly to one or more of their own machines.And a grower can view the JDLink status of their fleet within AgStudio, along with any other dashboard information collected from other cloud solutions.
Climate FieldView™
When you link an AgStudio grower to their FieldView® account, you can:
    • Upload grower/farm/field setup information into Climate FieldView™
    • Download grower/farm/field setup information into AgStudio (Coming Soon)
    • Upload variable rate prescriptions into Climate FieldView™
    • Automatically download data files that the grower uploads into Climate FieldView™ from their Precision Planting monitors

Please click here to view instructions on connecting Climate FieldView™ and AgStudio.

Raven – Slingshot
Use this extension to link a grower or location to their fleet of Viper-equipped machines. You can easily send prescriptions to a Slingshot account, and optionally, directly to the machines of a SlingShot account holder. Field operations logs can also be download from the Slingshot solution.

Please click here to view instructions on connecting Slingshot and AgStudio.

Trimble - Connected Farm
Trimble Connected Farm - MapShots Third Party Add OnsConnected Farm™ is a total farm management solution that allows farmers to collect, share, and manage information across their farm in real time within one central location, enabling better decision making and facilitating easier collaboration with farmers’ trusted advisors.

Connected Farm allows you to:

    • View field profitability at any time during the growing season
    • Analyze precision farming maps as tasks are completed
    • Monitor and control irrigation pivots
    • Track fleet locations, health, and utilization
    • Access rainfall maps for each field
    • Monitor in-season crop health
    • And more…
The Veris add-on is used to build sampling workorders to help you manage the Veris data collection process. Data files are automatically imported into AgStudio, sent to Veris for cleaning, and optionally sent back to Veris for post calibration after soil test results are obtained. The Veris add-on also includes access to the proprietary management zone generator, building manageable management zones from the combination of all Veris attributes.