Real Observations in Realtime

Keeping a close eye on every phase of your operation or those of your customer’s can make a huge difference in performance and profitability. Imagine a scenario where you are driving past your field, or a customer’s field, and notice that something doesn’t look right. With AgStudio SELECT (, you can take immediate action from anywhere by accessing your AgStudio data on an internet-connected tablet.

Open a web browser and use your AgStudio credentials to log into AgStudio SELECT. From there, you have access to your data to see what variety was planted and when. Verify the recommendations you implemented last fall along with other historical information. Effortlessly record all of your observations using the scouting feature. In just a few minutes, you can determine what might have caused the issue and start planning a resolution.

Having the right tools at the right time can have a tremendous impact on your business. Check out the AgStudio SELECT Reference Guide to learn more about the scouting feature along with other tools you can use when you are away from the office but need to make important business decisions.

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