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SSI_LogoSSI is a leading developer of agribusiness software with over 2500 installations throughout the US and internationally. For over 30 years, SSI has been helping companies gain efficiencies and improve profitability through it’s integrated software and industry knowledge. Our Agvance line of software products allows agribusiness companies to integrate business process functions from every facet of their operation. From diversified cooperatives to leading national distributors, SSI has a proven track record and industry reputation for successful software implementations.

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Built on MapShot’s AgStudio™ map components, Agvance Mapping brings GIS analysis and site specific mapping to a simple and practical level for ag retailers. Easily generate industry files to facilitate variable rate applications while integrating the use of customer field maps throughout your
entire operation.

    • Powerful, intuitive mapping interface expedites creation of boundaries and related map layers
    • Dockable windows enable users to easily pin legends and working windows to free up work area
    • Customizable surface maps and thematic layers can be automatically generated from spatial data
    • Import harvest and as-applied data for analysis and to influence future recommendations
    • Export field operation files using industry supported formats including Shapefiles and FODM
    • Imagery and streets data (roads, railroads, towns, etc.) can be viewed and/or printed with maps
    • Job reports and map exports for various application controllers
    • Import soil tests and recs for specific labs and/or in industry supported formats
    • View and/or print maps in several other areas of Agvance including Blending, Planning & Dispatch
    • Generate grower books that include soil types, test levels, surface maps, yield maps and as-applied data with several flexible printing options


Agvance is an all-encompassing, completely open, agribusiness platform. It provides seamless integration within your operations and the ability to connect with customers, employees, and the next generation of devices and apps. Businesses that use Agvance software range from small to large, and vary greatly in the types of products and services that are offered. With everything from financial accounting to wireless inventory technology and mobile sales tools, Agvance puts the power in your hands to access information, visualize opportunities and grow your business like never before.

SSI is a MapShots trusted partner in the development and marketing of agribusiness software.

SSI utilizes AgStudio products within its product offerings